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Handicraft of Rajasthan

February 14, 2014 By: matthewsimpso Category: About

Details for Handicraft of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is globally famous for its rich art & craft. Art and crafts of Rajasthan was well developed in the state since ancient times. The state has well preserved its rich ancient tradition of exquisite art & craft. The state produces some of the most impressive art & craft products even today.

Handicrafts of Rajasthan are worldwide famous with their eye-catching designs and patterns. Handicrafts which are made of locally available wood feature in wood carving, furniture, boxes, chairs, jhulas, temples, table tops, etc. All these wooden crafts are crafted by local craftsman.

Each region of Rajasthan is known for having its own unique art & craft culture. Barmer is famous for wooden crafts with stunning carving. It is also famous for miniature painting on furniture. Jaipur is famous with art & crafts like carpets & durries, block painting, stone carvings, blue pottery, paintings, gems & stones, artificial jewellery, leather crafts. Jaipur rajai (quilt) and jutis (shoes) are popular across the country. Jodhpur is known for furniture carvings, stone carving, leather crafts, etc. Jodhpuri shoes (mojaris) are popular.

Jaisalmer is known for wall-paintings. Various buildings like palaces, havelis and also huts of common people have got their walls and ceilings decorated with colorful paintings. In the streets of Jaisalmer also fabulous wall paintings can be seen. Paintings are popular form Rajasthan arts and crafts. Folk and miniature paintings can be seen here. Paintings here are known for treatments, composition, color scheme and theme. These paintings are made with the use of sparkling colors, distinct lines, and two-dimensional treatment of figures and distribution of the entire composition in compartments. These paintings are commonly known as ‘PHAD’ paintings.

Examples of stunning handicraft in Rajasthan also features in Fine Block Printed Textile, Wood or Ivory Carving, Tie-and-Dye Fabrics, Lacquer & Filigree Work, Stunningly Crafted Precious Stones, Enameled Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Miniature Paintings, Hanging Painting, Blue Pottery, etc. All these items when you will see on your Rajasthan tours you will surely love to purchase some of them. Metal Craft, Terracotta, Leather Products, Embroidery, Zari Work, Textile, Wooden Artifacts, etc are also important part of Rajasthan crafts. The hand knotted woolen carpets of Rajasthan are in great demand. The traditional cotton carpets of Jaipur & Jodhpur are also beautiful with pastel shades and geometrical motifs.

Textiles have also a major place in exquisite Rajasthani handicrafts. The textile has an interesting range of tie-and-dyed, block-printed fabric and embroidered. Each regions of the state has its own design and color scheme. Generally people here prefer costumes of bright colors like red, saffron, green, blue, pink, yellow, etc.
Tie-and-Dye textiles called Bandhej or Bandhani are an important Rajasthani textile and perfect example of arts & crafts of Rajasthan. Different methods are used to tie the fabric to produce various patterns like lehariya, mothda, ekdali and shikari. Rajasthani Bandhej from Jodhpur, Sikar, and Jaipur are very famous.

Jewellery, Leather Wear & Items, Stone Carving, Painting, Metal Crafts, Puppets, Textile, Blue Pottery, Terracotta, Durries & Carpets, Wooden Furniture, Wooden Artifacts, etc. are some of popular example of Rajasthani Handicrafts.