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History of Rajasthan

February 14, 2014 By: matthewsimpso Category: About

Details for History of Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is worldwide acclaimed for its rich culture and glorious history. It is the land of people who are brave and well-manners. It is the land of monuments which say the royal saga of erstwhile era with pride. Glorious history of this historical state narrates the most amazing saga of romance and heroism. Rajasthan history deserves the attention of several scholars and researchers. On Rajasthan tours, tourists have a wonderful opportunity to observe rich culture and glorious past of the state. The glorious past and history of Rajasthan delight tourists.

There is an interesting myth about the desert landscapes of Rajasthan. According to Hindu mythology, Ram (the hero of epic Ramayana) aimed an arrow towards Lanka to burn the island where his wife (Sita) was jailed by the demon king – Ravana. But instead of reaching that land the arrow turned towards the direction of the sea which resulted in the evaporation of all the water. The dry land which emerged due to the evaporation of water was the land of Rajasthan.

The history of Rajasthan is as inspiring and mystifying as India itself. The state has a rich cultural & historical heritage and has been the kingdom of several rulers. So, you will to love to explore this historical state of Rajasthan that is packed with rich history, tradition, art and culture that go back several centuries.

The glorious history of Rajasthan can be divided into four groups narrating information about four different eras.

Ancient Era: Till 1200 A.D.
The history of ancient Rajasthan dates back to 1200 AD. Rajasthan was a part of famous Mauryan Kingdom in around 321 – 184 BC. It has also witnessed several other empires. Archaeological dig has also proved that it was associated with ancient civilization like Harrappan and Indus Valley Civilization.

Rajputs came and occupied this place in around 700 AD. They came in power during the period of 800 – 1200 AD. Rajputs were divided into 36 royal clans and 21 dynasties. Pratihars ruled most of north of India till 1000 AD. After that there was a constant struggle for supremacy among Chauhans, Parmars and Chalukyas till 1200 AD which made the sands of Rajasthan red with blood.

Medieval Era: 1201 – 1707
The internal conflict within Rajput rulers and their battle for power resulted in declining of the unity between them. As a result, after 1200 AD Muslim rulers again took over a part of Rajasthan. Ajmer, Nagaur and Ranthambhore came under the Mughal control. Finally the great Mughal Ruler – Akbar took all power in hands from Rajputs rulers by striking unity with them or forcing war against them.

Around 1300 AD, Mewar emerges as one of the most powerful states in Rajasthan and remained so for quite sometime. It was the prime battlefield and has witnessed some of the most horrific clashes with Mughals. During this period Rana Uday Singh, his son Rana Pratap, Bhappa Rawal and Rana Kumbha showed their great vigor and bravery. The sagas of their chivalry are still imprinted in the glorious sands of Rajasthan, India.

Modern Era: 1707 – 1947
Rajasthan and Mughal Empire flourished in its all magnificence till the period of great mughal emperor Akbar. But after 1707 the mughal supremacy began to decline. As a result the political collapse of Rajasthan began to take place. Then Rajasthan was robed by Marathas and Pindaris. This continued till the start of 19th century after which the British conquest and continued till the year of 1947.

Post Independence Era
British had broken up Rajasthan into several small provinces for easy administration. After 1947 the first step was takes to merging of all the provinces into a single state. This long process continued till the year of 1948. Then it was officially declared as a single mighty state called Rajasthan. Now this is the largest state of India having 32 districts.

Today this state Rajasthan is the one of the most important tourist destinations India. With its rich history and glorious past the state deserves the attention of tourists from all over world. There are lots of attractions and places of tourist interest in this historical state. The magnificent forts & palaces say the rich history and saga of the state.